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S Koronka {Manufacturing} Ltd has been the manufacturer of quality Oil & Petrol tanks for over 50 years. The company was started by Stanley Koronka who came to Scotland from Poland after WW2 in which he served as a paratrooper. He initially was a Blacksmith to trade in the small East Fife village of Ceres. The small picture below right shows the early factory.
The business grew into an engineering firm which manufactured agricultural equipment but diversified into tank manufacturing in the early 1960s. The company was such a success that in 1977 it expanded to premises in Kinross, Perth-Shire. The company can still be found there today continued by one of his sons Mr Trevor Koronka. Products available from Koronka tanks:-

Environmental fuel oil storage tanks, bunds, bunded tanks, Avgas/ JetA1 aviation tanks, pumps, gauges, alarms, float switches, hose reels, storage tanks, mild steel tanks, epoxy coated tanks, stainless tanks, underground cylindrical horizontal storgage tanks, vertical cylindrical storage tanks, pressure vessels, galvanised water storage tanks, fuel tanks, rectangular and cylindrical above ground storage tanks, chemical tanks, double skin tanks, dipsticks, calibration charts, fill point cabinets, bunded oil tanks, deisel, derv, gas oil, oil tank, and stainless steel tank.
Original Koronka Factory
Our capabilities are in the manufacture of tanks from 50 litres to 150,000 litres either Cylindrical or rectangular , although recently we have manufactured bunded vessels up to 187,000 litre. As a long established company we have been manufacturing above ground rectangular bunded tanks and underground cylindrical double skinned units for many years.

What is a Bunded Tank?

A bunded tank is a tank inside a tank which prevents any oil spills or leakages. The smaller tank holds the tank contents and the larger tank holds 110% the capacity of the smaller tank. The tank is made up of 2 components. The outer skin called a bund & the inner tank. To qualify to be a bund it must be 110% of the tank capacity. If it less then it is classed as a double skin unit which is not the same as a bund and does not meet the Environmental agency guide lines on pollution control. See some examples of some of our Bunded Tanks.
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Location of Koronka Factory In Scotland.

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